Welcome to my blog. I will be making my third trip to east Africa and I can’t wait.  Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be visiting  communities and villages mainly in rural areas of Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi.  I work for a Toronto based NGO named CPAR and so my trip will give me an intimate look into the lives of the wonderful people of these countries.  I’m looking forward to meeting many old friends  and seeing how their lives have changed since my last trip 2 years ago. This time, I’m bringing along a travel guitar to show my appreciation in song.  Moreme means hello in Acholi, the langauge of northern Uganda around the town of Gulu.  Check back later to hear my song “Gulu”  and about my trip.

Apwoyo bino!



One Response to “Moreme!”

  1. Claire Watier Says:

    Reading your blog gave me goosebumps! I recall my trip to Uganda 3 years ago to Displaced People’s Camp in Soroti area. I’m so thrilled that peace is finally giving people hope for the future. I participate in the Gulu walk in Ottawa and think a medical support system for farmers could be a good project for CPAR.

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